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  • Currently touring with BB King's All-Star Band at Sea

  • Available for performance inquires 

  • Private Guitar Lessons

From my education to my gigging and touring experience, I have created a versatile sound and approach to my playing -

  • Studied different guitar techniques and music theory with world class professors.

  • Experience playing in church and recording with gospel artists.

  • Arranging solo guitar pieces for jazz standards, and arrangements for bands.

  • Built a big repertoire of Motown and R&B material working with the B.B King's Blues Club at Sea as both Lead guitarist and Musical Director

My time at Berklee deserves recognition for helping me get to where I am today. I participated in the Jerry Reed/Chet Atkins ensemble many times, led by Rick Peckham, in which we opened for Guy Van Duser, and had the pleasure of working with one of Jerry Reed's drummers. I was very active in Dennis Montgomery III's Negro Spirituals ensemble, among others, in which we co-wrote a song, "Burdens Down", and recorded an EP together with his group Praise of Zion. I studied with Sheryl Bailey, Jack Pezanelli, Rick Peckham, and David Tronzo, all of whom played a very influential role in my development as a musician.