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From Carnatic music to jazz to gospel, my ears have always been open to all styles. I find myself writing music that infuses elements of many styles, blurring the lines between traditional and modern idioms of music. My style and compositions have been said to incite a layered feeling of refreshment and nostalgia. I am known to expand on harmony in a way that provides color and depth to a piece of music.

Take a look at some past performances of mine and recent gigs I have had the pleasure to be apart of:

Solo on "Groove on the One", with Boston-based funk band Revel in Peace
My song "Burdens Down", that I co-wrote with Dennis Montomgery III
Burdens Down - Praise of Zion
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"Let The Juke Joint Jump" BB King's All-Stars
"Purple Rain" BB King's All-Stars
A snippet of a Pat Metheny tune entitled "Pretty Scattered"